Prof. Chang, Song-Bin

Associate Professor
Prof. Chang, Song-Bin
TEL:+886-6-275-7575 ext.58120   研究室:58104 or 58114轉29
Research interests:Molecular cytogenetics,Genomics.


Ph.D. Degree Netherlands Wageningen University Department of Plant Sciences


2010– Assistant Professor Department of Life Sciences, National Cheng Kung University
2006 Assistant Professor National Taiwan University Department of Biology

Awards and Honors

  1. The Tomato Genome Consortium: S-B. Chang ( one member in the TomatoGenom Consortium (TGC)), “The tomato genome sequence provides insights into fleshy fruit evolution.”, Nature, 485 期,P.636-P.641, 2012,05.(SCI)


Periodical articles (Link)

Conference paper

  1. Lin, H-S. and S-B. Chang* (2013) PCR-based identification of microsatellite arrays (PIMA). In book Microsatellites, (Springer) Methods in Molecular Biology Volume 1006, Editor: Stella K. Kantartzi, Humana Press. ISBN978-1-62703-388-6. Chapter 3, pp 25-55. *Corresponding author