Prof. Chen, I-Ching

Associate Professor
Prof. Chen, I-Ching
TEL:+886-6-275-7575 ext.58133    研究室:58104 or 58114轉33
Research interests:
Global Change Biology, Macrophysiology, biodiversity conservation, historical climate.
Current Research:

  1. Impacts of species redistribution under climate change
  2. Climatic variability and species adaptation
  3. Climate change vulnerability assessment
  4. Ecosystem degradation of tropical montane cloud forest

Media report:


Video abstract: “Species on the move: impacts on ecosystems and human well-being”

The Guardian: ”Climate change: global reshuffle of wildlife will have huge impacts on humanity” “Species on the move having a big impact”

CBC News: “Wildlife shuffle study co-author calls for action on climate change”

sicnoticias : “Investigador português em estudo sobre impactos das alterações climáticas no Homem”

elPeriodico: “El éxito de la sociedad dependerá de cómo gestione el cambio climático”



“Thermal trouble in the tropics”

“The China Post: NCKU professor climatic variability paper published in journal Science”

“Science Daily: Tolerance to daily versus seasonal temperature changes may dictate fitness”


2006 – 2011 PhD, Biology, University of York, UK
1998 – 2000 MS, Zoology, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
1994 – 1998 BA, Finance, National Taiwan University, Taiwan


2012- Assistant Professor, Department of Life Sciences, NCKU
2011-2012 Postdoctoral Fellow, Biodiversity Research Center, Academia Sinica

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