Research & Laboratory

Research Facilities

  The Department has the following labs: biology, new agricultural technology, biochemistry & plant physiology, an anatomy & embryology lab, and a physiology lab, in addition to an instrument room, a species room, a green house, a herbarium and several animal rooms. The laboratories are equipped with the following instruments: stereo microscopes, β, γ-radiation counters, U-Itracentrifuge, epi-fluorescence equipment, ‘TME-EF’ mercury set, microvideo system, high speed refrigerated centrifuge, liquid scintillation counter, HPLC, UV spectrophotometer, freezing dome, T/P 8000 automatic tissue processor, Nikon inverted microscope, physiological polygraphs, stereotaxic, HPLC, capillary electrophoresis, etc.

2f Laboratory
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  • Plant  Molecular Biology Laboratory
  • Molecular Genetics Laboratory
  • Plant anatomy Morphology Taxonomy
  • General Biology Micobiology Genetics 
  • Little Grasses Laboratory 


  • Behavioral & Evolutionary Ecology
  • Molecular Evolution Laboratory
  • Plant Stress Physiology
  • Molecular Evolution Laboratory
  • Plant Stress Physiology Laboratory 
  • Molecular Cytogenetic Laboratory 
  • Her, Lu-Shiun’s Laboratory
  • Molecular Development Laboratory
  • Biochemistry Laboratory
  • Genome Instability Laboratory
  • Little Flowers Laboratory


  • Nutritional Molecular Biology Laboratory 
  • Morphology Wetland Ecology
  • Molecular Neurobiology Laboratory
  • Cell Biology Laboratory
  • Evolution Laboratory
  • Animal Physiological Ecology 
  • Animal Physiology Laboratory