Current position Name Research interests
Distinguished Prof. 

Tzeng, Shun-Fen


Neuroinflammation, Glial cell proliferation and differentiation, Stem Cells
Professor Emeritus

Chang, Sue-Joan


Molecular Nutrition、Cell physiology messaging、Functional Plant、Health Food、Microscopy
Distinguished Prof.

Chen, Hong-Hwa


Orchid Biology and Biotechnology, Genomics, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Virology
Distinguished Prof.

Chiang, Tzen-Yuh


Evolutionary genetics, conservation genetics, molecular ecology, ethnic genetics
Distinguished Prof. and Chairperson

Huang, Hao-Jen


Plant molecular biology

Lee, Ya-Fu


Behavioral ecology、Community ecology、Evolutionary Ecology、Conservation Ecology
Associate Prof.

Wu, Wen-Luan


Molecular marker and gene expression in phalaenopsis
Associate Prof.

Wang, Hao-Ven


Gene knockout mice, molecular developmental biology, cell biology, cytoskeleton dynamics, skeletal muscle development and regulation
Associate Prof.

Sung, Huang-Mo


Gene regulation, Evolution of glucose repression , Plant-fungal interaction, metagenomics
Associate Prof.

Liaw, Hung-Jiun


Genomic instability, DNA repair
Associate Prof.

Chang, Song-Bin


Molecular Cytogenetics
Associate Prof.

Her, Lu-Shiun


Axonal transport,Autophagy interaction with microtubules transport,Molecular Cell Biology,Neuroscience
Associate Prof.

Takefumi Nakazawa


Theoretical Ecology,Ethnic and bunching ecology,
Biodiversity and long-term ecological
Associate Prof.

Liu, Ya-Hsin


Regulation of Gene Expression
Associate Prof.

Chiou, Tsyr-Huei


Visual Physiology and Ecology、Animal Optical
Associate Prof.

Chen, I-Ching


Global Change Biology, Macrophysiology, biodiversity conservation, historical climate
Associate Prof.

Chun-Chun Li


vesicular trafficking, protein transport, and cytoskeletal modulation
Associate Prof.

Peng, I-Chen


Molecular Metabolic Medicine,Nutrition Metabolism and gene regulation,Cancer Biology
Assistant Prof.

Hsu, Yu Hsun


Speciation,sexual selection and mating systems
Assistant Prof.

Iwai Obayashi


Plant molecular genetics、Biochemistry



Current position Name Research interests

Wang, Jiann-Ping


Animal Anatomy、Embryology、Wetlands Ecology、Cetacean Research

Chen, Wen-Huei




Chen, Shao-Jen